We have just entered a new decade and a bit of reflection is necessary. Over the past 10 years, the city of Chicago has changed in many ways. Many developments have shaped the way the skyline looks, how residents spend their free time, and where people live.

With so many new skyscrapers, transit stops, parks, and other developments, it may be hard to figure out which developments mattered the most in Chicago over the past ten years. Let’s look at some of the most impactful developments throughout the city.

One Bennett Park

One Bennett Park

Maybe the most impressive high-rise building from the past decade, One Bennett Park comes from architect Robert Stern. It’s a new Streeterville tower offering ultra-luxury units. This Art Deco-inspired design offers one of the tallest buildings to be developed over the past decade standing 836 feet tall.

The upper-floor condos offer an exclusive lobby, amenity space, and motor court. The condo area is separated from the apartment section, which makes One Bennett Park much like two buildings in one.

NEMA Chicago

Another very tall building developed over the past decade, NEMA Chicago stands 896 feet tall with 76 total stories. It’s the tallest rental building in Chicago with ultra-luxury options including exclusive lounges, a self-serve beer tap bar, room service, and so much more.

NEMA is a popular name across the country with developments in San Francisco, Boston, and New York City. Future projects are planned in Miami and Seattle, as well. NEMA Chicago offers an addition to the Chicago skyline and a building looming over the southern border of Grant Park.

Chicago’s Old Post Office


This massive Art Deco building became the largest adaptive reuse project in the United States over the past decade. The Old Post Office had been neglected for many years before an $800 million makeover was approved. While it may not be a high-rise like the first two on this list, the building spans three city blocks and offers an enormous amount of space for amenities.

New tenants of the Old Post Office Building will get to enjoy several amenities including:

  • A Tenant Bar with a living green wall
  • The Vault – a second-floor tenant lounge
  • Massive Work Space
  • 5-acre Private Rooftop Park
  • A jogging track
  • A massive Fitness Center
  • And more!

This building will welcome many tenants by June 2020 with an estimated 1.4 million square feet of the 2.5 million square feet becoming occupied.

Along with these three massive developments, the past decade has seen several other changes throughout Chicago. Fulton Market has become a new hot-bed of luxury hotels and high-end restaurants. Many believe the Morgan Green Line station allowed for the development to occur.

Luxury housing has also boomed in Chicago over the past decade with downtown buildings opening, such as:

In addition to the actual buildings, the past decade has seen plenty of green space added throughout Chicago. Maggie Daley Park, Northerly Island and The 606 were all a part of it, along with the development of the Chicago Riverwalk and the makeover received by Navy Pier.

So much has changed in Chicago over the past decade and the city has truly come alive in so many ways. Many other projects are expected to kick off the new decade of developments throughout the city. It’s exciting to see Chicago growing in such a unique way and it’s time to welcome in a new decade filled with new and exciting changes.