Choosing to call a big city, such as Chicago home, means big life changes if you’re not used to living in the big city. If you want to move to Chicago, you probably have a few reasons in mind. Let’s look at the 10 reasons why you might want to relocate to Chicago this year.

Lake Michigan Makes it Worth Relocating to Chicago

You don’t have to live somewhere tropical to enjoy the beach life, at least for part of the year. Chicago is located right on the coast of Lake Michigan, which is one of the best reasons to move to Chicago.

With 26 miles of lakeshore, the Windy City offers several great beaches, such as Montrose Beach and North Avenue Beach. There’s also plenty of green space for walking, running, and biking near the lake. Whether you choose to relocate to Chicago for the beach or you want a beautiful Lake Michigan view, it’s possible in the big city.

A Neighborhood for Everybody

Chicago provides 77 vibrant neighborhoods and each one has a unique feel. No matter the type of neighborhood you’re looking for, you will find something you’ll love somewhere in Chicago. Some of the top area neighborhoods include:

There are plenty of other great neighborhoods found all throughout Chicago, too.

Incredible Summers

When you choose to move to Chicago, you might have to endure a cold winter, but the summers certainly make it worth it. For many Chicagoans, the summer is the best time of the year. With several great festivals, plenty of concerts, and so much going on, you simply cannot become bored in the summer in Chicago.

Plenty of Sports

Move to Chicago for Sports

If you’re the type of person that loves sports, relocating to Chicago might be perfect for you. Chicago offers plenty of great sports with some of the top teams in professional sports located within the city.

Enjoy access to both an American League (White Sox) and National League (Cubs) baseball team, along with access to an NFL team (Bears), NHL team (Blackhawks), NBA team (Bulls), and more. There are several college teams found throughout the area and even Notre Dame Football is just a train ride away.

Four Seasons

Some areas of the country don’t offer all four seasons of the year. Maybe the summer is brutal and the winter is rather warm, which means spring and fall basically become eliminated.

When you move to Chicago, you’ll experience all four seasons every single year. You’ll get a complete and wonderful summer, along with a brisk and beautiful fall, a snowy winter, and a bloom-filled spring.

If you love the idea of enjoying all four seasons, relocate to Chicago and you’ll get to enjoy the seasons.

Easy to Get Around

You don’t need a car in Chicago to experience the city. The public transportation is rather dependable and the city is very easy to navigate.

Since it’s one of the flattest big cities in the country, you can easily walk to nearby attractions, dining, and shopping options. It’s also easy to navigate the city by bike with trails, parks, and dedicated bike lanes throughout. Of course, public transportation makes it easy to get around, no matter where you need to go.

Move to Chicago for the Shopping and Dining

No matter the neighborhood you decide to move to in Chicago, you’ll likely be close to a few great restaurants and shops. Even if you’re not within walking distance of your favorite spots, you’ll be just a short train or bus ride away.

Chicago is home to some of the finest restaurants in the country with options covering any cuisine you could possibly want. There’s a very strong vegan and vegetarians food scene here, and plenty of incredible pizza throughout.

Shopping doesn’t get much better than Chicago with the Magnificent Mile and several great malls found throughout. No matter the type of shopping you’re looking for, it’s found in Chicago.

The Chicago Parks Make Moving to Chicago Worth It

Relocate to Chicago for the Parks

Some of the best parks you will find in the country are located in Chicago. For a big city, there is quite a bit of green space here.

Chicago is home to Lincoln Park, Millennium Park, and several other larger parks. It’s also home to many neighborhood parks and even some parks found right on Lake Michigan. If you love to be outside, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors at the many parks found throughout Chicago.

Thriving Nightlife Gives Many a Reason to Relocate to Chicago

It’s no secret; Chicago has a great nightlife scene. In fact, the nightlife is one of the reasons many people move to Chicago. The bars and pubs are open until 4am and plenty of live music is found throughout the city.

Whether you prefer a dance club, comedy club, wine bar, or dive bar, you’ll find some of the best choices all throughout Chicago. Most neighborhoods even feature several great options within walking distance of the residential areas.

Plenty of Job Opportunities Throughout

Chicago offers plenty of jobs for those planning on relocated to Chicago. In fact, many people move to Chicago because they landed a job within the city. Several big businesses are located throughout the city offers all types of jobs across many industries, including healthcare, IT, professional services, and insurance.

There are several great reasons to move to Chicago. If you’re considering relocating to Chicago and you need help finding the right neighborhood, right condo building, and the best place for you to call home, a good real estate agent will make a huge difference. Make sure you hire a local agent that knows how to find the best home for you when you decide to move to Chicago.