Chicago is home to many affluent neighborhoods. Figuring out which is the richest neighborhood in Chicago tends to be a bit subjective.

It depends on the data used and the list may vary a bit from one source to another. Of course, figuring out the richest neighborhood in Chicago is different when you include suburbs as a part of the list.

The Richest Neighborhood in Chicago, according to

Forest Glen

The list of the richest neighborhoods in Chicago from puts Forest Glen at the top of the list. This list was created based on the income levels for the area. The article cites the census and BLS data as the main sources.

Based on, the richest neighborhoods in Chicago are:

  1. Forest Glen
  2. Lincoln Park
  3. North Center
  4. Beverly
  5. Edison Park
  6. Loop
  7. Near North Side
  8. Mount Greenwood
  9. Lake View
  10. West Town

Of course, this list changes from year-to-year, as well. An article published by in 2014, used similar data and had the Gold Coast as the richest neighborhood in Chicago, followed by:

  • New East Side/Lake Shore East
  • Lincoln Park
  • Streeterville
  • The Near North

It’s amazing how much can change in just five or six years.

The Richest Zip Codes in Chicago

If you break it down by zip code, the list changes even more. A list created by shows the priciest Chicago Zip code as 60654, which is found in River North.

The data to create this list came from Altos Research, which looked at the median, rolling average for condos and single-family homes in the zip codes.

After the Zip code in River North, the following were found to be the most expensive:

  • River West – 60610
  • Streeterville – 60611
  • Old Town Triangle – 60614
  • Lakeview – 60657 and 60613

The Richest Chicago Suburbs

Lake Forest

Making the question, “what is the riches neighborhood in Chicago?” even harder to answer, let’s throw in the suburbs. created a list of the 10 Richest Suburbs in Chicago and listed Winnetka as the most expensive suburb.

Another list published by put Glencoe as the most expensive and Winnetka as the second-most expensive. Also making both lists were:

  • Lake Forest
  • Hinsdale
  • Inverness
  • Oak Brook
  • Hawthorn Woods
  • Highland Park
  • Wilmette
  • Long Grove

If you’re looking for a definitive answer to the question, “what is the richest neighborhood in Chicago?” you’ll be hard-pressed to find one. It depends on the criteria as the riches neighborhood in Chicago changes if the list is based on income compared to home prices. It also changes when adding in the suburbs of Chicago.