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Biology / Zoology Teacher
Matt was fun, informative, and VERY PATIENT as we navigated my way to buying my first home. He always had great advice and would give me an honest opinion when I needed it. He made a very stressful process easier to deal with. Seven years later, I still love my home and wouldn’t change a thing.

Kelly Heath

 Vice President of Client Services

Matt is exactly the type of realtor you want in your corner. He knows when to hang back and let you talk through your thoughts, but he also knows when to jump in and express his opinion. He is extremely enjoyable to work with and to be around. Highly recommended.

Ross Kerr

President, Middlefork Capital LLC

I had the opportunity to work with Matt when I first entered the real estate market in 2008. He provided invaluable information related to geographical markets, demographics and properties, all of which helped me to develop the business plan for my company. Three years in, I am still following several of the principles that Matt helped me to develop and to put in place. Matt also went above and beyond the call of duty, helping with more than the typical scope of a realtor’s service. I recall closing on one of my first houses in the winter and having forgotten to change the utilities into my name. When I realized that the heat was turned off, Matt was there with portable heaters to help keep the house warm and the pipes un-frozen and worked with me to streamline the re-connection process. It is without reserve that I can recommend Matt to anyone looking for a real estate agent in the Chicagoland area

Andrew Bowyer, PMP

President First Care Healthcare Inc.

We bought and sold our first house with Matt and were immediately impressed by his knowledge of the market and building structures/standards and later by the fact that he never lost sight of our goals to ensure we achieved them! Matt is truly a seasoned professional in all aspects of real estate and that translated to great financial outcomes for us. His style and demeanor won us over and we will only use Matt for all future endeavors in Chicagoland! Matt certainly stands out in his industry and we feel lucky to have worked with him

Roger Walsh

Senior Vice President 
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt on multiple real estate transactions, both buying and selling, since moving to Chicago five years ago. I met him based on the recommendation of a co-worker and he lived up to his reputation. His integrity and knowledge of the Chicago market notwithstanding, what really sets Matt apart is his insight into the nuances of a deal: saying and doing the right things to keep the buyer and seller moving towards closing. In this difficult environment, that expertise proved invaluable.

I would recommend Matt’s work as a realtor to anyone looking to buy or sell in Chicago.

John Miller