Luxury Living in Chicago: Are You Moving to Chicago?

Luxury Living in Chicago - FEATURED

When you’re ready to move to Chicago, but you want to make sure you get the best of luxury living in Chicago, you need the right guide to help. There are several amazing luxury condo buildings and plenty of luxury real estate found in Chicago. You’ll also get to discover plenty of amazing attractions, fine dining restaurants, incredible shopping districts, and so much more.

If you’re considering relocating to Chicago, it’s a good idea to start by speaking with a top luxury real estate agent in Chicago. With the right agent helping you find the best place to call home, you can truly enjoy moving to Chicago and all the luxuries that come with it.

Moving to Chicago? Check Out These 5 Top Neighborhoods for Luxury Real Estate

Chicago is home to dozens of great neighborhoods, but some are known for the luxury high-rise buildings, incredible mansions, and amazing luxury real estate options. If you’re planning to move to Chicago, these five luxury neighborhoods should be at the top of your list.

Gold Coast

Offering some of the finest luxury condo buildings in Chicago, Gold Coast is one of the top choices for those relocating to Chicago. If you’re looking for an amazing place to call home, you won’t find a better neighborhood.

Filled with beautiful brownstones and massive single-family homes, the Gold Coast neighborhood is one of the most expensive you will find in downtown Chicago. Featuring tree=lined streets, incredible architecture, and a wave of new development, there’s something for every luxury buyer in the Gold Coast neighborhood.

With so much incredible architecture throughout, the Gold Coast is considered a bit of a museum by many. Some of the finest condominiums here overlook the lake and offer amazing amenities for residents to enjoy. You’ll also discover large townhouses perfect for families and even some convertible apartments for those moving to Chicago on their own.

Some of the most luxurious condo buildings found in the Gold Coast neighborhood include:

  • Palmolive
  • The Four Seasons
  • 9 W. Walton
  • 10 E. Delaware
  • 50 E. Chestnut St.
  • Lakeshore Park
  • Waldorf Astoria
  • The Bristol
  • Residences at 900
  • Water Tower Place

Many other incredible condo buildings in the Gold Coast neighborhood offer luxury living in Chicago. These are just some of the most amazing choices you’ll find if you choose to relocate to the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago.

Lake View

While the Lake View neighborhood is more affordable (on average) than the Gold Coast neighborhood, you’ll find plenty of luxury real estate here. It’s one of the most recognizable places to live in Chicago and the home of Wrigley Field. Offering some of the most scenic views of the lakefront, the neighborhood truly lives up to its’ name.

Lake View offers many beautiful condo buildings and it’s home to several sub-neighborhoods throughout. This luxury Chicago neighborhood is home to some of the most sought after vintage condos and many large single-family homes. Wrigleyville and the Southport Corridor offer many larger homes to choose from. Those relocating to Chicago will also find a wide selection of luxury high-rise condo buildings here offering amazing views and plenty of amenities.

Some of the finest condo buildings located in the Lake View neighborhood includes:

  • 3150 N. Lake Shore Dr.
  • 3660 N. Lake Shore Dr.
  • 3930 N. Pine Grove
  • Lakeview Lofts

Many other luxury condos are found throughout Lake View. The closer you get to Belmont Harbor and the lake, the more luxurious the condo buildings become.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park Luxury Living Chicago

A larger community found on Chicago’s north side, Lincoln Park offers some of the most luxurious real estate options in Chicago. The centerpiece of the neighborhood is the large 1,200+ acre park called Lincoln Park. Many of the magnificent condo buildings found here offer views of the park.

Lincoln Park is known as one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Chicago. Many of the real estate options sell for more than $1 million here with some hitting $10 million. It’s known for elite single-family homes, amazing vintage condos, and plenty of high-rise luxury condo buildings to choose from.

Top luxury condos found in Lincoln Park for those moving to Chicago include:

  • Lincoln Park 2250
  • 2450 N. Lakeview
  • 2020 N. Lincoln Park W.
  • 2650 N. Lakeview
  • Webster Square
  • The Hampdens

Along with the many luxury high-rise buildings, Lincoln Park offers several smaller condo buildings with luxurious homes. It’s a neighborhood filled with luxury living options and perfect for anybody looking to relocate to Chicago.


A very popular neighborhood offering plenty for those moving to Chicago, Streeterville provides a close location to Lake Michigan. It’s very close to Oak Street Beach and provides easy access to some of the best shopping in Downtown Chicago.

Plenty of luxury real estate options are found throughout Streeterville including many high-rise condo buildings with incredible amenities. Some of the most luxurious condo buildings in Streeterville include:

  • Water Tower Place
  • 840 N. Lake Shore Dr.
  • The John Hancock Center
  • 600 N. Fairbanks
  • Park Tower
  • The Pearson

Many of the finest luxury condo buildings in Chicago are located in Streeterville. If you’re looking for luxury living in Chicago, this may be the perfect neighborhood for you.

River North

One of Chicago’s premier neighborhoods, River North was once the industrial hub of the city. It has been transformed into a rich cultural center with plenty of factories and warehouses converted to housing, shopping options, restaurants, and businesses.

If you’re looking for incredible luxury, River North has plenty to offer. It’s also a neighborhood filled with art galleries, amazing shopping options, and so much more.

Some of the best luxury condos in River North include:

  • The Contemporaine
  • 415 W. Superior
  • 400 W. Huron
  • Trump Tower
  • The Ritz-Carlton Residents

Many other high-rise condo buildings offer luxury living in this Chicago neighborhood. River North offers a fine place to call home and it’s a sought after location for those moving to Chicago.

Top Chicago Attractions for Luxury Living

Moving to Chicago for Navy Pier

Of course, if you’re planning to move to Chicago, you’ll want to know the top attractions offered throughout the city. Choosing to call one of the top luxury neighborhoods of Chicago home will put you close to some of the best attractions, shopping, and dining options throughout the city. Here’s a look at some of the best Chicago has to offer.

Chicago Museums

Plenty of world-class museums are found all throughout Chicago. Some of the best are located in Grant Park, including the Art Institute of Chicago. Known as one of the finest buildings in all of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago offers iconic bronze lions on the outside with more than 300,000 amazing works of art on the inside.

Another beautiful museum many Chicago residents and visitors enjoy is the Museum of Science and Industry. It’s located in Hyde Park and provides a historic building dating back to the 1800s, along with some of the finest science exhibits found in the world.

A few other top Chicago museums you’ll want to visit after moving to Chicago include:

Outdoor Attractions

While the museums of Chicago are rather incredible, the city has plenty more to offer. Chicago is filled with great outdoor attractions you’ll be able to enjoy. Living in Lincoln Park, Streeterville, River North, Lake View, or Gold Coast will put you within walking distance of many outdoor attractions.

Grant Park

Buckingham Fountain Luxury Living Chicago

Grant Park offers one of the most iconic outdoor options for fun. You can take a Segway Tour or just enjoy the 300-acre park with lush gardens and plenty of attractions. The Buckingham Fountain is located in Grant Park and offers beautiful fountain shows every 20 minutes during the day. Grant Park is also home to a skate park for kids to enjoy.

Lincoln (Abraham) Park

With nearly 1,200 acres of beautiful space including lakefront space, Lincoln Park isn’t just an incredible luxury neighborhood, but also an actual attraction in Chicago. The park is home to several other amazing attractions including:

  • The Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
  • North Pond Nature Sanctuary
  • Lincoln Park Archery Range
  • North Avenue Beach
  • Oak Street Beach
  • And More!

If you choose to live in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, you’ll gain easy access to one of the best outdoor attractions and some of the top indoor attractions in Chicago.

The Lakefront Trail

An 18.5-mile trail offered along Lake Michigan, the Lakefront Trail is an incredible outdoor attraction to enjoy in Chicago. It’s perfect for those looking to enjoy biking, jogging, and walking. In fact, you can even use the Chicago Bikeshare Program called Divvy Bikes to enjoy the trail.

Other incredible outdoor attractions found throughout Chicago include:

Chicago Professional Sports

Wrigley Field - Moving to Chicago

If you’re a sports fan and you plan to move to Chicago, you won’t have to worry about a shortage of options. Chicago is home to several professional sports teams including:

In addition to the many professional teams, you can also enjoy plenty of college sports in Chicago. Some of the most prominent options include:

Sports fans will only be a few hours from the University of Illinois and from the University Of Notre Dame, as well.

Chicago Fine Dining Restaurants

Of course, if you want to enjoy luxury living in Chicago, you’ll want to find the best fine dining restaurants in the city. When you move to Chicago and you choose one of the top luxury neighborhoods listed above, you’ll be very close to some of the finest restaurants in the city.

Chicago is home to more than 20 Michelin-starred restaurants and several James Beard awards. Acadia is one of the top choices with two Michelin stars. It’s located in the South Loop neighborhood at 1639 S. Wabash Ave. and offers both five and ten-course tasting menus.

Another very popular fine dining restaurants found in Chicago is Maple & Ash. It’s located off the Magnificent Mile in the Gold Coast neighborhood and offers a wine list with more than 650 options.

If you’re looking for a fine dining restaurant in Lincoln Park, look no further than North Pond. This restaurant is found in a cozy former boathouse and offers a Michelin star dining experience with plenty to enjoy.

Brindille offers the finest dining experience in River north with plenty of signature dishes. The interior of the restaurants won a James Beard award and was called a “gem jewel box.”

Some of the other top fine dining options in Chicago include:

These restaurants not only represent luxury living in Chicago, but they also represent some of the finest options for dining in the entire world.

Chicago Luxury Shopping Districts

Another perk of moving to Chicago, especially if you live in one of the luxury neighborhoods, is the shopping. Chicago is home to some of the finest shopping districts in the world. No matter which luxury neighborhood you choose, you’re sure to be close to incredible shopping options of all types.

Chicago’s Oak Street District is one of the best places for shopping. It’s found in the Gold Coast neighborhood and offers high-end options, along with luxury boutiques and couture showrooms. With big names, such as Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Hermes, and Prada found here, you’re sure to enjoy luxury shopping at its’ best in the Oak Street District.

If you’re interested in amazing art, The Flatiron Arts Building is the best place for shopping. You’ll find plenty of amazing artwork here and the building is even home to artist live/work spaces.

Of course, The Magnificent Mile is the place for luxury shopping in Chicago. Offering one of the most gorgeous streets in the country, The Magnificent Mile attracts all types of visitors due to the incredible shopping options, beauty, and so much more.

Along with the many beautiful shopping districts throughout Chicago, you’ll find plenty of luxury boutiques and shopping options all throughout the top neighborhoods.

Luxury Real Estate

If you’re moving to Chicago to enjoy luxury living, you’ll have plenty of luxury real estate options to choose from. The five neighborhoods listed above are some of the best for luxury real estate, but you can find beautiful homes, amazing condo buildings, and plenty of incredible real estate options all throughout Chicago.

From loft conversions in the West Loop and River north to high-rises found in Streeterville, there are several luxury real estate options all throughout the city. Of course, The Golf Coast offers some of the finest real estate of all types and it’s one of the best places to call home if you desire luxury living in Chicago.

Whether you’re seeking a historic home with plenty of vintage charm or the perfect high-rise penthouse, you need the right luxury real estate agent helping you find your new home. Moving to Chicago can certainly be a stressful endeavor, but the right real estate agent will help take some of that stress off your plate.

When you’re ready to relocate to Chicago and enjoy incredible luxury living, let Matt Shrake find you the perfect neighborhood and home. Contact Matt today and find out how he can help you with all your luxury real estate needs.